Brand it with Glamour

What is it to be glamourous?  Beauty is a word that comes to mind for many in answer to that. Yes, it is indeed possible to be aesthetically beautiful as well as glamourous. But one can be glamourous without possessing sensational, drop dead gorgeous looks, the same that a person with such attractive looks can lack glamour.


Think about all the times you've encountered someone who just seems to have that 'wow' factor. There is a certain charismatic energy, aura about them. Something magical and enchanting. They're breathtaking, captivating, and leave you feeling a sense of wonder and mystery, like they're an unobtainable star. Often this is the essence of who they've become, not necessarily born with.


Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel and Princess Diana all had it. Yes, to some degree these qualities are innate, but the truth is glamour is a quality all by itself which can be developed and cultivated. And that is the case in most instances when we think about glamourous people.


Therefore, everyone has their own unique innate glamour. What's yours? If you've ever wondered whether you yourself could be glamourous the answer is YES!

I can help you identify and develop it.

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